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Added faster method for merging datasets

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......@@ -143,20 +143,32 @@ class MultiLabelDataset(Dataset):
:param o: Another dataset
:return: MultiLabelDataset containing x, y and classes of both datasets
from collections import Counter
new_data = list(self.x + o.x)
new_labels = list(self.y + o.y)
new_classes = list(set(list(self.classes.keys()) + list(o.classes.keys())))
new_classes = dict(zip(new_classes, range(len(new_classes))))
new_data = list(set(self.x + o.x))
new_labels = [[] for _ in range(len(new_data))]
duplicate_counter = Counter(new_data)
duplicates, duplicates_ids, duplicates_samples = [], [], []
for i, x in enumerate(self.x):
for sample, amount in duplicate_counter.items():
if amount > 1:
for i, x in enumerate(o.x):
for i, sample in enumerate(new_data):
if sample in duplicates:
if sample not in duplicates_samples:
for i in duplicates_ids:
new_data[i] = None
new_labels[i] = None
new_labels = [list(set(x)) for x in new_labels]
new_data = [x for x in new_data if x is not None]
new_labels = [x for x in new_labels if x is not None]
return MultiLabelDataset(x=new_data, y=new_labels, classes=new_classes)
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