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# MARVIN-config
Configuration files for MARVIN on the TIB servers, public
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Configuration files for MARVIN on the TIB servers, public for forking the architecture
# Acknowledgements
We thank Sören Auer and the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) for providing three servers to run:
* the main DBpedia extraction on a monthly basis
* community-provided extractors on Wikipedia, Wikidata or other sources
* enrichment, cleaning and parsing services, so-called [Databus mods]( for open data on the Databus
This contribution by TIB is a great push towards incentivizing Open Data and establishing a global and national research and innovation data infrastructure.
# Workflow
## Downloading the wikimedia dumps
## Running the extraction
## Deploy on Databus
## Run Databus-Derive (clone and parse)
## Move data to download server (internal)
run script in databus/dbpedia folder
## Deploy official files
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