Commit 5c81952c authored by kurzum's avatar kurzum
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......@@ -61,10 +61,12 @@ postProcessing() {
# Handling of redirects, i.e. copy to log and rename old
mkdir $LOGDIR/redirected
for i in $(find $EXTRACTIONBASEDIR -name "*_redirected.ttl.bz2") ; do
cp $i $LOGDIR/redirected ;
rename -f 's/_redirected//' $i ;
mkdir -p $LOGDIR/unredirected/
for redirectedFile in $(find $EXTRACTIONBASEDIR -name "*_redirected.ttl.bz2") ; do
unredirectedFile=$(echo $redirectedFile | sed 's|_redirected\.ttl\.bz2$|\.ttl\.bz2|g');
[ -f $unredirectedFile ] && cp -vn "$unredirectedFile" "$LOGDIR/unredirected/";
# cp -vn $redirectedFile $LOGDIR/redirected;
rename -f 's/_redirected//' $redirectedFile;
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