Commit 231316bd authored by Robert Sachunsky's avatar Robert Sachunsky
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use postdecoder workflow by default

parent f865b21b
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ ENV CUDA_WORKERS=1
# number of shared GPU clients on this GPU
# workflow configuration makefile to start server for
ENV WORKFLOW=smarthec-sparse-tesseract-deu
ENV WORKFLOW=smarthec-sparse-tesseract-deu-postdec
# bad context prediction requires lowering layout prediction threshold
CMD make -I /usr/share/workflow-configuration -f /usr/share/workflow-configuration/$ server MDL=$MDL PORT=7001 HOST= TIMEOUT=$TIMEOUT WORKERS=$WORKERS MRCNNPROCS=$MRCNNPROCS CUDA_WORKERS=$CUDA_WORKERS MIN_CONFIDENCE=$MIN_CONFIDENCE
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