Commit f865b21b authored by Robert Sachunsky's avatar Robert Sachunsky
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Dockerfile: reflect new ocrd/all

parent 12934c0e
......@@ -36,25 +36,10 @@ RUN pip install h5py==2.10
# remove ocrd_segment from sub-venv
RUN rm $PREFIX/bin/ocrd-segment*
# update to ocrd_calamari#65 (setup during init)
RUN git -C ocrd_calamari fetch origin pull/65/head:setup-init
RUN git -C ocrd_calamari checkout setup-init
RUN make -W ocrd_calamari ocrd-calamari-recognize
# update to sbb_binarization#31 (setup during init)
RUN git -C sbb_binarization fetch origin pull/31/head:setup-init
RUN git -C sbb_binarization checkout setup-init
RUN make -W sbb_binarization ocrd-sbb-binarize
# update ocrd-anybaseocr-crop
RUN git -C ocrd_anybaseocr fetch origin pull/84/head:not-binarized
RUN git -C ocrd_anybaseocr checkout not-binarized
RUN make -W ocrd_anybaseocr ocrd-anybaseocr-crop
# update workflow-configuration (make server)
RUN git -C workflow-configuration pull origin master
RUN make -C workflow-configuration install
# update ocrd_tesserocr
RUN git -C ocrd_tesserocr fetch origin pull/179/head:improve-tessapi-reset
RUN git -C ocrd_tesserocr checkout improve-tessapi-reset
RUN pip install -e ocrd_tesserocr
# add ocrd_segment address detection branch
RUN git -C ocrd_segment fetch origin maskrcnn-cli
RUN git -C ocrd_segment checkout maskrcnn-cli
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