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    Switching from CLA to DCO and Migrating to the Reuse Tool (EXPOSUREAPP-3046) #2077 · 51238dc6
    Katharina Seiz authored
    * use Reuse Tool for Copyright and Licenses
    * adapt README
    * add chnaged open source libraries
    * NOTICE and THIRD-PARTY-NOTICE not needed anymore with reuse tool
    * add new file to dep5 file for reuse tool
    * fix badge info link and add Licensing chapter again
    * fix link to license within repo
    * fix badge info link
    * fix link to license within repo
    * add info about the reuse tool and the info link about the repo compliance
    * change wording
    * adapt year of copyright and add modification staements
    * add license file again to root folder
    * adapt copyrights and add gradlew files to dep5 file
    * add link to chapter licensing again
    * fix links to LICENSE
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRalf Gehrer <ralfgehrer@users.noreply.github.com>
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