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    Test infrastructure · ad5361a9
    Gleb Mazovetskiy authored
    1. Makes tests easy to run with a single command.
    2. Adds Travis CI configuration and badge.
    3. Java:
       1. Fixes ant.xml to work with more recent dependencies.
       2. Updates checkstyle.xml for more recent versions of check style and
       3. Fixes checkstyle errors.
    4. C: Fixes the only test.
    5. JavaScript: Moves grammar generation from node to the testing script.
    6. Adds .gitignore to ignore test and build artifacts.
    7. Adds Google Inc copyright to LICENSE. This makes it easier for Google
       employees to contribute.
    8. Updates Waxeye grammar tester to return non-zero exit code on errors
       and print errors to stderr.
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