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Draft (Do not merge!): Define data models, data base and controllers

Maja Schneider requested to merge set-up-mvc into main
  • Define data models: Point, Route and Measurement. A route is unique per its name and calendar date, a point is unique per location and timestamp. When posting de4l data, measurements and their corresponding points and routes are created. If a measurement is posted, which's route (or point) already exists, only the measurement is created and assigned to the existing point/route. When taxi data is posted, the polyline is parsed into single points, which are each created as a point along with its route.
  • Define data base: set up postgresql
  • Define services and repositories to interact with the database
  • Define controllers that offer endpoints for posting a measurement (de4l) or a route (taxi) and get endpoints to receive all points from the database
  • A python script is provided for testing the endpoints
  • Do not merge yet, as tests are still missing

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